Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wacky Idea - "Reverse Constantcon" Shared Dungeons

You're a DM. You make a dungeon. You keep a version of the dungeon maps and key on something like Google Docs. After your run your players through this dungeon you make notes in the Google Docs files regarding what monsters have been slain, what treasures have been looted, where the bodies of dead PCs lay, and other state changes in the dungeon. Probably by using "strikeout" text and colored text and the like. Maybe you restock this dungeon, maybe you don't.

Than you pass along these files to another DM that you know through the internet and they run their players through this dungeon. Maybe they restock the dungeon beforehand, maybe you have already, maybe it doesn't need restocking.

After they run their group through this dungeon they make their notes regarding changes, etc. I'm sure there's some collaborative editing features for online documents that makes this viable while also maintaining a history of the changes and who did them and when.

And they pass the dungeon back to you for when you next run your players through it, or maybe they pass it along to another DM and the cycle continues.

Maybe along the line these other DMs add new levels and the like to the dungeon, further mutating it.

Imagine the histories of adventure that would accumulate with such a dungeon...


  1. This is a fantastic idea. A living breathing dungeon landscape. When the original PC's return they find a dungeon that has changed organically. How do we make this happen?

  2. We could do this with the dungeon I ran for you yesterday, as you should be able to finish it in another session (maybe two) and it's all written up with a swanky map. And room for expansion, I should think.

  3. Google Docs keeps revision history, and can do all that fancy strikeout stuff. It might even do annotations, but I can't be arsed to check.

  4. make it happen! make it happen.... oh pleeeeease!

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