Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cursed Magic Item - Sword Handle Umbrella

AKA - Eventually Someone is Going to Get Shot by a Police Officer *

These items appear to be an umbrella with a sword handle instead of the usual umbrella handle. If used as a weapon they inflict 0-3 points of damage on a hit. These items are actually cursed: the bearer will operate under the misapprehension that this item grants a +3 bonus to charisma whereas the bearer's charisma will actually be halved (round down). The DM must make a reaction roll whenever the bearer encounters guards, bouncers and other security personnel. On a result of "hostile" the aforementioned security personnel will assume that the sword handle umbrella bearer is reaching for an actual sword and will attack with lethal force.

* I'm not badmouthing Tenkar or any other public safety personnel here...carrying an umbrella that looks like a sword is just plain stupid.


  1. Lol. Some friends gave me one of those as a birthday present, but I've never got shot, for now ^_^

  2. @ Paper & Plastic: Just be care going into banks and don't get a school put into lockdown. ;)

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