Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kudos to Noble Knight Games & Jewel Throne Update

Firstly I just wanted to heap accolades upon Noble Knight Games. They support the OSR, have a great selection of RPG material, and have developed a reputation for being reliable and fast.

I recently ordered a copy of Holmes Basic (in Fair condition) from Noble Knight Games, and after receiving it I was dismayed to find that it was missing the first and last pages, which includes the awesome Sutherland illustration of a wizard and two knights battling a horde of pig-faced orcs!

After emailing Noble Knight Games regarding this predicament, I receive this response:
"We’re very sorry about that. That was cataloged Fair because of some loose pages but apparently they vanished somewhere along the way. We’re mailing out those missing pages asap."
Today I received an envelope from Noble Knight Games. Imagine my surprise when I opened it, and instead of it containing the missing pages there was another, complete, copy of Holmes Basic!

That was very awesome of Noble Knight Games, and I appreciate it very much. Thank you Aaron Leeder & co.!

Anyways,  here's a quick update regarding The Jewel Throne. Below is a tentative table of contents for it's inaugural issue:

Ancient Tombs - A dungeon that is an ancient tomb.

The Barbarian Character Class (By JOESKYTHEDUNGEONBRAWLER!) - Face Stabbings ahoy!

Cave & Lair Geomorphs - 36 of them, usable for everything from a bear den to a sprawling cave complex.

The Complete Earth Man (By Lester/B. Portly) - Means for randomly generating time & universe displaced Earthling characters and their belongings for use with fantasy RPGs.

Grammaree - Over 20 spells; mostly weird spells in the vein of Eldritch Weirdness and Ancient Vaults & Eldritch Secrets.

On Account of the Flies (By Patrick of Henchmen Abuse)- An awesome scenario.

The Robot Fighter Character Class (By Netherwerks) - Trained to smash robots! I can see this guy just wreaking havoc in Carcosa, Mutants & Mazes or Expedition to the Barrier Peaks!

Serpent Men - The Serpent Men of RE Howard's Kull & Conan stories, and nothing else, a scalable monster/NPC option.

D20 Sorcerers - No, not some D20-system sorcerer rules, but a D20 table of twenty fully detailed sorcerers for use as adversarial, allied, or indifferent NPCs.

War...War Never Changes - Fallout and Wasteland influenced firearms for use with Mutant Future or other, similar, post-apocalypse RPGs with the initials G & W.

In addition to the credited authors above, a couple of the articles include material by Netherwerks & C'nor (Outermost_toe), in addition to what is looking to be some awesome illustration by some terrific artists!

I have to gush a bit regarding "On Account Of The Flies." I've been a big fan of Henchmen Abuse since I came across it, and the early draft I received it just full of the same sardonic grotesqueness...and it strikes me an very Vancian. A snippet from the introduction:
"The village of Louisburgh (commonly known as Stinkborough) is renowned for two things: the horrible stench of rotting meat that permeates the place, and its fabulous Succulent Yellow Spinefruit. This variety of spinefruit has the amazing property of overcoming impotence in elderly men, and thus is in high demand amongst the well-off gentlemen of the great city of Denethix."
You can keep your Dragonlances and Ringbearers guys, this, to me, is the stuff of High Adventure!

Anyways, I'm horribly sleep deprived right now, so I'm going to take a nap, cook supper, and than try to write up a summary of last Sunday's Planet Algol game.


  1. Sounds good to me! That list is impressive.

  2. Thanks Blair. Cialis commercials are endless sources of inspiration to me.

  3. I am totally eff'n stoked about this list, especially the robot fighter class. My Gamma World campaign had a monastic brotherhood of Luchadores who lived in taco trucks and studied the ancient martial art of Magnus-style robot fighting. Characteristic laziness prevented me from ever actually doing a class writeup, but now I might need to resurrect that game.

  4. Jewel Throne! Jewel Throne! Jewel Throne! Jewel Throne!

    (Sorry, the name just has an awesome bang-on-the-table-with-the-beer-mug factor)

  5. I'm still working the art. I hope to have the first couple of pictures to you in the next few days.

  6. Hooray for serpent-men! Those guys are built to cultivate paranoia in D&D

  7. Cool lineup of stuff - looking forward to it, especially the artwork.

    Just sent you a 'final' submission then read it - spotted a mistake already 'when' instead of 'who' in number 2.

    (head in hands)

  8. Thanks guys!

    @ Johnathan: I can't wait...take your time, there's no hurry though.

    @ Melan: That's a sterling recommendation! :)