Saturday, July 3, 2010

Steelie Robot PC Name Generation

Steelies, a race of military robots, have unusual names due to their manufacture and programming. Their original creators purposely gave Steelies hard, aggressive names, appended with a nine-digit  File Designator. And, due to their programming, Steelies insist on using their rank or “level title,” aside for the most informal and off-duty moments.
Generate a Steelie’s name by rolling a d6 and a d20 and consulting the below table. Generate a 9-digit number, in a format such as 537-961-023 or 646-498-834, for the File Designator. Files Designators are used to differentiate between Steelies with the same rank and name, and in most situations Steelies use only the first three digits of their File Designator, “Brigadier Plutonium 154” for example, reserving the usage of the fill nine-number File Designator for official and formal usage, such as ceremonies and paperwork. No two Steelies share the same File Designator
1st-level - Trooper Slam 163-693-423, “Slam 163” to his squad buddies.
4th-level - Captain Machine 521-756-154
5th-level - Lieutenant Hunter 172-221-666
8th-level - Brigadier Plutonium 154-957-232
d6 -
1-3 - d20
1 Bash
2 Blade
3 Blast
4 Blaze
5 Bolt
6 Bomb
7 Boulder
8 Breaker
9 Bronze
10 Bullet
11 Buster
12 Brick
13 Chopper
14 Cracker
15 Crash
16 Crunch
17 Engine
18 Gear
19 Granite
20 Gravel
4-6 - d20
1 Grind
2 Gun
3 Hunter
4 Killer
5 Mace
6 Machine
7 Nail
8 Nuke
9 Plutonium
10 Radium
11 Rock
12 Slag
13 Slam
14 Slate
15 Spike
16 Steel
17 Stone
18 Titanium
19 Tread
20 Uranium


  1. Should I throw these into the generator?

  2. These Steelies are really cool... love the naming system.

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