Friday, July 30, 2010

Someone Needs to Stat These Guys Up For Encounter Critical...

By DEATH METAL ARTIST Dusty Peterson, check out his site for a horde of lurid, gory monstrosities!

PS. Apologies for the lack of activities on the blog, I attribute it to several factors: summer vibes; being busy with my other hobby, playing "Kill Your Mother Music"; and smoking waaaay less pot, the last of which has the counter-intuitive effect of making me lazy/under-motivated! I'm still working on the Planet Algol booklet (as well as waiting on a stack of awesome artwork!) as well as another very cool, "Cthonic" project...


  1. Zat you rowing the kayak in the video?

  2. Wow those pictures are cool, and names are really creative.

  3. Variations of Operation Castration, Mindcrunchy, Painsaw and Fridgenstein may all very well make appearances in my campaign.