Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ape, Giant Carnivorous & Post Your Oldschool Conversions

Armor Class: 6
Move: 150 (50), climb 150' (50)
Hit Dice: 10
Attacks: 1-10/1-10/3-18
Special: Hurl rock 100' for 2-24; grab and hurl
Intelligence: Low (upper)
Alignment: Neutral
Size: Huge

Grab and hurl: If a Giant Carnivorous Ape hits strikes a man-sized opponent with both hands they will be lifted up and hurled next round, as a rock, inflicting 3-18 points of damage to the target and the projectile.

I can't believe those guy's didn't think of that...

Post your conversions of post-oldschool D&D monsters!