Thursday, January 17, 2013

Trans-edition Oldschool Conversion: Serpent Anathema

Armor Class: 0
Move: 150' (50'), climb 90' (30'), swim 90' (30')
Hit Dice: 22
Attacks: Claws for 1-8/1-8 or giant scimitar for 2-16, plus bite for 1-10+poison
Special: Poison; constrict 1-8; +3 or better magic weapons to hit; regenerate 3 hit points per round; spells; 60% magic resistance; speak with any snake or snake-like monster; become a swarm of poisonous snakes at will
Intelligence: Godlike
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Size: Huge
Spells: 3/day - cause fear, darkness, detect poison, entangle, haste, neutralize poison, polymorph other, snake charm, sticks to snakes, suggestion
Serpent Anathema are worshipped as avatars of their loathsome gods by serpentine races such as Inphidians and Ophidians. They resemble a gigantic snake 20-30 feet long, with a humanoid torso and arms, and possessing a mass of six long-necked snakes instead of a head. An opponent bitten by a Serpent Anathema must save versus poison or die; those that survive will be constricted by one of the snake heads for 1-8 points of damage per round. As long as all six heads are not constricting victims the Serpent Anathema can continue to make bite attacks.