Thursday, February 16, 2012

Microscope & Multiple DMs Campaign

I'm sure someone has already posted this idea but...

- Presume that you are setting up a multiple DM D&D campaign.

- The DMs get together and use Microscope to determine the history of the milieu; Microscope has mechanics whereas a group could easily ensure that the desired D&D tropes are included.

- The DMs split up the resultant setting into "administrative areas" and each DM runs sessions in their area.

- If the DMs desire, they can use Microscope to further determine details of the setting as the campaign continues.


  1. And then each DM would use How to Host a Dungeon to make their megadungeons!

  2. @p

    See here:

    I have been planning to use Microscope like you describe, as a collaborative world-building tool for D&D. As soon as I get around to buying it. I've heard so many good things though.

  3. Just bought it. Amazing concept, and I'm looking forward to using it with whoever I can rope into taking the giant mindfuck leap.