Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Advice For Folks Playing in Games I Run...

Although I'm basically kissing Zak Sabbaths ass riding Zak's womb broom by posting this, it is for the benefit for folks who play in a session I DM that may have a reaction along the lines of "Waaaahhh! This adventure was hard!"


  1. How many PCs died in your games last year?
    I killed about seven last month...

  2. when we enter a sandbox, we enter 'the jungle'. When you die in the sandbox, you have not failed to survive; the Jungle has eaten you.
    A curse weighs on the entire landscape. When you walk on the landscape, you take a share of that curse.
    There is no harmony; in comparison, the articulation of a Dungeon Master or a Character is like badly-pronounced and half-finished sentences.
    The Sandbox will humble you. Overwhelming misery, overwhelming murder, overwhelming chaos is the form of the sandbox.
    The harmony of overwhelming and collective murder. Absurd, obscene and hysterical


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