Monday, May 2, 2011

Leech-Things - Wretch-Thralls of the Babbling King

# APPEARING: 10-40
MOVE: 60'
ATTACKS: Bite & blood drain 1-4
SPECIAL: Attach (see below)
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic evil
Said to be the transformed bodies of those ensorcelled by the Hag-Concubines of the Babbling King, the Leech-things are man sized, liver-colored flatworms with the bald, earless head and face of an angry toothless man. When agitated they make a stuttering repetative "Buh... Buh... Buh... Buh..." sound while large bubbles of mucous emerge from their slack mouths.
While in combat Leech-things rear up and attempt to bite their victims, chewing into them with horny cartiliginous mouthparts; on a successful hit the Leech-thing will have attached itself to it's victim, automatically inflicting 1-4 points of damage on subsequent rounds and impairing their victim (who suffers a -2 penalty to armor class and attacks) until slain or torn off (which requires a free hand and a successful open doors roll, but will also inflict 1-2 points of damage upon the victim).
It is said that the servitors of the Babbling King use these wretches as a currency in their dealings with depraved sorcerers; extradimensional entities; and other factions of the Court of Change.


  1. Yuck & gross. This followed by where can I use these?

  2. If I throw salt on them will they drop off and die? Of course, if they are the size of a sleeping bag filled with weasels, it's going to require a LOT of salt... but maybe I'll bring a wheelbarrow full.

    When I was a kid I almost looked forward to getting a leech stuck to me (almost --- I didn't TRY to get leeched) because, as gross as it was, watching it writhe in pain and drop off as I poured salt on it was somehow also entertaining... like scratching a mosquito bite.

  3. @ Needles: More on the Babbling King forthcoming...

    @ Limpley: I'd leave it to the DMs purview; but your size/quantity is astute and is pretty much how I'd rule it. I was terrified of getting one on me; I was a giant wuss kid!

  4. Thumbs up. Can't wait to see it Blair!

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