Friday, May 13, 2011

Blair's Lifeblog

or "It's My Turn To Make One Of These Posts..."

In addition to a full time gig as a Lead Hand Mechanical Insulator in the construction industry, I'm currently engaged in "academic upgrading" involving 3 hours of classes Monday through to Thursday nights in preparation to pursuing a Physics degree; this is in addition to having a home life with Her Nibs, commencing band practices, and being an insomniac. Obviously this is a weak sauce burden in comparison to full-time studies or being a parent, but it is a huge adjustment from a leisurely lifestyle of reading Jack Vance novels; listening to records; bong rips; working on dungeon maps; playing video games; and the like, and come mid-week I've been coming up exhausted. While doing some exercises in preparation for Monday's exam, my math skills took a turn for the "Chris Farley-esque..."

I'm still doing the D&D & -ishes, DMing, playing, mapping, writing; and I'm just waiting on a couple of pieces of artwork before laying out The Jewel Throne. I'm also enthused to have lined up an "administrator figure" to handle the administration of handling the Doctors Without Borders donations.

Regarding Algol, the Babbling King is waiting, muttering...

And local Red Boxer and all-around awesome dude Johnstone is running an Algol hack of Apocalypse World; I'm stoked to see what ensues with that.

Anyways, posting will likely be sporadic for a bit; come mid-June some schedule changes will be implemented that will free up some of my time & energy. Right now, I get to sleep!


  1. Good luck with the degree. I did the bulk of my undergrad while working full time (+2 toddlers) and it sucked.

  2. Good luck with the studies. With summer coming on, finally, a lot of folks will be having more sporadic schedules no doubt. Planet Algol is worth waiting for.

  3. Dude be my guest, I'll be around back rumbling through the Game Master section & turning over a few rocks. Can't wait to see what creeps up on Algol & the upcoming issues of The Jewel Throne.Anyhow I think you'll keep up with everything. I've always loved what you've done with Algol right from the beginning.

  4. an Algol hack of Apocalypse World, that would be mint! Good luck with the studying.

  5. I finished the basic rules hacks and the starting Algolesian playbooks/classes. Now I'm writing the first adventure.

  6. Hey Blair, it's Zach from Spectres. Any chance I could get in on one of these games? Your blog rules by the way!

  7. "Right now, I get to sleep!"
    Do you? Really?