Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Regarding Zak II

In light of these recent developments, and subsequent introspection, I feel like I really owe an apology to Johnstone Metzger

Coming from a background in the punk scene, I have become used to the idea of having two friends that don't get along, or hate each other, and having to not get involved.

Sometimes, letting that be seems to be part of existing in a community.

And I let that be my guide for dealing with the horrible way that Zak treated Johnstone.

Johnstone is someone that introduced me to Red Box Vancouver and playing pick-up games in public with an open table, and it was a very enriching experience.

Johnstone is also a very creative, intelligent and all-around wonderful person.

I should have stood up for him more, instead of letting "politics be politics". He was someone, that I knew in real life, that was kind and generous, and Zak used him as one of his punching bags. And I didn't do more about it that some comments in his defense.

I failed Johnstone, I felt bad about it when it was happening in the past, and I feel awful about it now.

To some degree I was afraid of Zak turning on me if I did more.

I should have done more re Paolo Greco, and Patrick Stuart, and Evlyn Moreau as well.

But Johnstone was a real-life friend of mine, and I failed at our friendship in not vigorously standing up and pushing back against Zak's persecutive horseshit.

I'm sorry.

[Disclosure: This post was previously posted on my Google Plus account yesterday. For the purpose of taking full responsibility for my inaction, I've decided to share it here as well. Commenting will be turned off for this post.]