Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thieves' % Check Idea

The player rolls the 10s die and the DM rolls the 01s die w/o the player knowing the result.

For games where you want the player to have part of the fun of making Thief % checks while still preserving some ambiguity.


  1. Something I've been experimenting with lately: The number on the tens die = degree of success on a 1-10 scale, with "0" =10. Thus succeding with a 42(4)is better than suceeding with a 23(2), and a 04(10) is better still. So a really hard lock might require a 3, if you get a 13 (1) on an assassination roll you kill the guy but accidently leave evidence,while if you roll a 07 (10) you get away scott free and they blame someone else, etc.

  2. Means the DM only has to.roll 10% of the time, since the other 90% it's obvious from the 10s digit how things will tirn out. Which I guess makes sense for a "too close to call" situation.

    @ Richard: seems a little odd way to do things. Why not just have the higher the roll the better the success as long as it's under the character's skill level?

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