Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Don't Go Down the Well" or "How Do We Get The Hell Out Of This Place"

As of late in the Fotress Eibon games the players have been hitting the well in the south courtyard hard. It descends 40 feet to a cave system below the fortress.

There's a fair amount of treasure lying around down there, so I approve of this tactic. However, every time the party returns to their rope I make a secret dice check. Last sunday a 1 came up... someone or something had taken the rope!

The two surviving PCs made an amazing journey through the dungeons beneath Eibon, going up levels, going down levels, running, benefiting from good reaction rolls. I'm dying to spill the beans about how deep and how high they got, but that would spoil the fun.

It was getting late, and the players were getting sloppy, so I called the game there. I'm really hoping that come next session these two boobs stumble a way out of the maze.

Also, one of my favorite categories of PC death is when a character dies due to not carrying a light source. On Sunday one character fell through a one-way magic chute to a lower level... and he must not have been a scout as he had no means of illumination on his person. What a dork!

He did manage a valiant effort at groping his way out, but something disarmed him with a chain before he was savaged asunder... the other PCs were close enough to hear that part!

As well, crocodiles in a dungeon are pretty awesome!


  1. "It was getting late, and the players were getting sloppy, so I called the game there."

    Too bad it did not come to The Table of Despair! ( http://odd74.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=ept&action=display&thread=1379 )
    The Table of Despair
    by Korgoth

    Directive: Roll a ten sided polyhedron and weep, mortal.

    Lachrymose Catalogue of Results:
    1-4: Thy flesh is consumed by underworld denizens!
    5: Thou art lost to time and space.
    6-8: Naked and bereft dost thou escape the nightmare below.
    9-0: Thou emergeth unscathed!

    Anyone's character still in the Jakalla Underworld when the session is called must roll on the table to determine his fate."

  2. You didn't mention that we had 4 hp between the three of us when you stopped us for the night...

  3. Sweet! It's great to be able to compare this to my group's most recent session -- last night, the party fell down a chute from the second dungeon level into an owlbear cage on the fifth level, and spent the next two hours trying to find their way out.

    Luckily for them, our party has cast Continual Light on all sorts of junk, so getting stuck without a light source isn't a problem. On the other hand, it's a lot harder for them to gain surprise when they're broadcasting wacky amounts of magical candlepower around the place...