Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween - Tower of the Stargazer - Encounter Critical - Pt 1

For Halloween I sprung a surprise on the group I was DMing. I has them start roll 3d6 for their ability scores: Adaptation, Dexterity, ESP... I was running Encounter Critical for Halloween.

After generating the ability scores, I with held the list of races and offered the players the choice of rolling randomly for their race without seeing the table, or seeing the list and picking one.

All but one of the players rolled blind, and we ended up with two Amazons, a Klengon, a Wooky, a Mutant Lizard Man (the sole race chooser, I instituted a house rule that you had to roll your race to get a monster or were for your race) and a Dwarf.

The players reactions ranged from amused enthusiasm with playing an Amazon, to stoic resignation with playing an Amazon, to pithy disgust with getting stuck with a stock fantasy Dwarf. When the ability score modifiers were applied the player reaction was generally along the line of "Well, the good ability scores I had were castrated by these modifiers."

Next the classes were explained and chosen: Psi Witch Amazon, Criminal (this player chose to randomly roll his class) Klengon, Wooky Explorer, Amazon Warrior, Mutant Lizard Man Warlock and finally , the Dwarf Warrior. The Dwarf Warrior's player expressed further nausea with playing such a cliche character, although he did choose to be a Warrior.

After loading up on bulletproof vests, magnums, whips and machetes we were ready to commence The Tower of the Stargazer... (to be continued...I'm going to bed)


  1. Can't wait to see who is going to fall victim to the first trap... (It's going to be the dwarf, isn't it?)

  2. Hell yeah! Encounter Critical is the best Halloween surprise!

    word verification:
    Armsoff - a new mutation for EC. Your PC has no arms, DEX = 3 and Melee attacks are limited to kicking.

  3. " The players reactions ranged from amused enthusiasm with playing an Amazon, to stoic resignation with playing an Amazon. "

    Haha, QFT!

    Small correction, my Wooky (Focaccia) was the EC Pioneer class, Explorer would be the Algol equivalent. We figured Wooky + Pioneer = BIGFOOT! In hindsight, I should have gone for the bionic option*. Not that it would help in any way, the adventure was a total funhouse.

    *FUN FACT: In 1978 Kenner toys reused the body of the 12" Bionic Bigfoot for the large sized Chewbacca figure.

  4. cant take the suspense...

  5. Almost a month with no follow-up...

    This is my favorite RPG blog.

    Please tell me it's not dead.