Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rudimentary Miscellaneous Equipment List v1.0

I've been working on a master equipment list, incorporating content from as many relevant and reputable resources as I can access.

Although the end purpose is to serve as a resource for players in my Planet Algol games when they wish to purchase equipment, this rudimentary version is non-Algolized, being suitable for standard fantasy campaigns.

Generally, when an item had differing costs in various sources I went with the most expensive cost (as I'm a rat bastard DM), with exceptions for B/X 10 gp crowbars and the like.

The sources I used were the 1st ed. AD&D Players Handbook, Moldvay/Cook B/X D&D, RC D&D, 2nd ed. AD&D Players Handbook, 3.5 ed D&D Players Handbook, Castles and Crusades Players Handbook, and the LOTFPWFRPG Rules Booklet; further revisions require me to peruse Tunnels and Trolls, Arduin, Empire of the Petal Throne and other "D&D-ish" sources.

This is just a first draft of something I'm working on for my own use, but I'm sure some of you may find it useful.

Items in italics and bold italics are such for use with the LOTFPWFRPG encumbrance system; weights in pounds are included as well.

I've included a link to a PDF of this material via mediafire:


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  3. You might also want to have a look at

  4. Cool! Did you consider Mutant Future/Gamma World/Metamorphosis Alpha as additional resources?