Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chapter 3, Part 1: "The Seeds of Heroism..."

The Cast (In Order of Appearance):

DUDE EARTHMAN - Simple-minded Earth Man Fighting-Man
MONSTER MONAGIN - Earth Man Sailor and Fightingest Man in this Company
RICHARD "DICKIE" DEE - Bone Man Sorcerer
RYGARR - Green Man Sorcerer

GAN-RON THE SILVER MAN - Simple-minded Good Hero, possessor of a magic silver sword
JAIAG 11-3XG - Synthetic Prostitute
GRUBB GRIZZLER - Earth Man Thief

Part II Here, Part III Here.

The party accepts a commission from the proprietor of the Lamia's Breath Intoxicating Vapour Lounge in Agog city to recover a runaway synthetic prostitute from a do-gooder hero, Gan-ron the silver man.Their reward for returning the synthetic being 250 gold credits value of Gamma Orichalcum, a soft, highly reactive, radioactive metal that is also a potent hallucinogenic stimulant

Tracking Gan-ron to his accommodations at the Palace of Brass Chambers, Dickie Dee managed to befriend him by casting Charm Person. DIckie Dee finds out that Gan-ron is in love with the runaway synthetic prostitute, has married her, and is leaving the city with her on a caravan tomorrow morning.

Next morning the party tracks Gan-ron and his new wife to the westbound caravan with which they are departing. Seeing their quarry enter an iron carriage, one of several in a train drawn by a triceratops, the party quickly pays the caravan master a generous stipend in order to travel with the caravan. As the caravan leaves through the western gate of Agog their friends the Earth Men Grubb Grizzler and Nigel Nightbringer hail them and after a brief discussion Grubb decides to join them, Nigel makes plans to meet up with them later after concluding pressing business in Agog City.

The caravan leaves, traveling westwards across the purple grasses of the western Iridium Plateau and stopping for the night at Fortress Cobalt. The next morning Dickie Dee and Rygarr vist Gan-ron in his iron carriage. They spy the synthetic prostitute, concealing in a enveloping burqua like garment lying motionless on the bunk. Utilizing a sleep spell Gan-ron is rendered helpless and crudely slain by means of a javelin being driven into his temple. The two sorcerers bind the synthetic prostitute and hide Gan-ron's body in a brass trunk.

The caravan leaves with the sorcerers lurking within the carriage, traveling down a steep cliff road to it's next stop, Small Dust (also known as Gully Town)

The caravan decamps for the night at the caravan grounds, and the rest of the party goes to an inn on the far side of town. Once they negotiate secure accommodations at a simple single-story inn, The Red Beak, the thief Grubb Grizzler is sent to the caravan to retrieve the sorcerers and the synthetic prostitute...

Part II Here, Part III Here.

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