Sunday, May 30, 2010

Arch-Hierophants of Metazon

The diverse sects dedicated to Metazon scattered across Algol are usually lead by one of these nigh-immortal cyborgs, comprised of a towering, athletic body with two heads and pairs sets of arms, the lower of which is usually far less muscular.

These beings are manufactured by grafting the head and arms of a high-ranking Hierophant of Metazon that is a powerful mind wizard, sage or sorcerer, onto the body of a mighty warrior, usually volunteers from the ranks of the Zealot of Metazon, although exceptions are made for exceptional available specimens. Such warriors that are unwilling or that become troublesome are usually lobotomized and conditioned to serve to the Hierphant-head's will.

Rumors speak that these Arch-Hierophants are further conditioned via the implanting of fragments of the divine essense of Metazon itself into both brains.

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