Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An Absolutely Beautiful Panoply of Raw, Enthusiastic, DIY Creativity

I don't like New-Metal. I don't like slick, polished production. I don't like fancy clutter. I don't like all-over print hoodies covered with rhinestones and gold crowns silkscreens. I'll take the artwork and presentation of the AD&D Fiend Folio over any contemporary lush rpg book presentation. I dig raw, noisy hardcore/metal seven-inches with black and white photocopied sleeves and home-recording quality. I still buy digest-sized metal zines with atrocious grade-school style artwork

So when I saw This Post on Cyclopeatron (further linking to this) I was fucking stoked! In my youth I owned some of the pictured indie-press digest sized booklets, and I found the contents far more compelling and inspirational that a lot of "big deal" modern rpg publications. Those shoddy little digest booklets with the amateurish, raw artwork intrigue me...I want to know what's inside...I've got a feeling that a lot of the content would be right up my alley.

To each their own, and I'm well aware that my tastes and aesthetics are way out of step with what most folks dig, but holy shit do I ever want to dive into those pictured piles of booklets, smell the old paper, and pour through the old, clunky, amateurish, inspiring, creative content!


  1. Exactly my feelings as well! It's interesting those photos affected you the same way they did me. The sheer number of the old digest zines like Abyss, Dagon, Troll Crusher, Utter Drivel, Underworld, etc. is really remarkable. Too bad all those old pubs are so rare now, I'd love to read through some of them.

  2. I agree completely. When putting something in front of your peers involves real effort, adversity even, and you do it anyway....

    Well, that's a sign of passion, and I'll pay to read passion over polish any day of the week.

  3. I prefer the DIY stuff as well. It seems more honest.