Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fortress Eibon Exploration Protocols

The Sunday games with Yee Olde Groupe uses Blair's houseruled OD&D & Supplements.

The Thursday games with Red Box Vancouver uses RBV's houseruled Basic/Expert D&D rules.

As this is a Flailsnails dungeon PCs from other games, campaigns, and editions are welcome, subject to an editing pass by the DM. NO CHEESE!

Thursday games are open to the public, Sunday games require an invite.

Players in the Sunday games (and Thursday games if this passes RBV approval) are entitled to a % bonus if they post a useful account or map of their delve. This bonus is determined by the highest of the character's intelligence, wisdom or charisma scores:
3-6 : +5%
7-8 : +10%
9-12 : +15%
13-14 : +20%
15-18 : +25%
For both an account and a map add an extra 5% to the above figure.

Also, a proper survey of a room, area or level, with description and map, allows the surveyer to officially name the aforementioned region.

I will also be incorporating rumor cards with xp bonuses for accomplishing goals associated with said rumor cards.

Currently this campaign involves the mapped and stocked regions of Fortress Eibon (delve to the limits of the stocked regions for an xp bonus...). In the future play may also encompass the city of Yam and the wilderness hexes of the Yam Plateau.

Don't count on many of them being familiar...

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  1. I like the Rumor Card idea. Great way to track and award investigation and exploration.