Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Non- Blair, Non- D&D Planet Algol Campaign...

Check out local Red Box maven Johnstone's Planet Algol hackof Apocalypse World.

Of course I'm always gratified when people find my pastiches useful,but what really has me jazzed is that I've read a draft of his rules and JOHNSTONE TOTALLY GETS ALGOL; the little mini-essays about the setting are completely spot on, only more eloquent than my mashings.

Semi-related, I'm completely exhausted with my work & school schedule (night classes after 8 hours of hard work, good grief!), and I've been an unconsciable turd in keeping up with my emails, blog comments and gaming.

I have a two or three week break halfways through June, which grants me the breathing space to hash out The Jewel Throne (!), actually game, play some Dwarf Fortress, do some bong rips, and see some bands (Martyrdod!! Knelt Rote!! Anhedronist!!); afterwards I'll be working 5 hour days for a school term in an attempt to get some balance back in my life. So hopefully things will be more regular in my RPG life shortly.

Anyways, all of you wonderful people take care, I'm gonna tear into a brutal nap!

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  1. smoke homegrown dank budz, listen to scandi HC and roll some dice! Sounds like the jam!