Saturday, February 12, 2011

Today's Print Shop PDF Digest-Sized Booklet Blowout

Top Row: My Miscellaneous Equipment Reference; LL Advanced Edition Companion; S&W City Encounters; S&W Eldritch Weirdness Compilation; BTBG Monsterless Manual; OSRIC Monsters of Myth; Kellri's AD&D Old School Encounter Reference

Bottom Row: Pas Fortuna Basic; LL Realms of Crawling Chaos; Kellri's GW Scavenger's Field Guide; Melan's Sword & Magic; Swords & Wizardry Complete; OD&D Terminal Space; Courtney Campbell's Treasure.

My next print shop digest-sized booklet blowout will probably involve The Esoteric Creature Generator; Adventure's Dark & Deep Gamemaster's Toolkit; Swords & Wizardry Whitebox; XRP Malevolent & Benign; Kellri's AD&D Old School Spell Reference; AEG Toolbox; Gamm World 1st ed; Empire of the Petal Throne; Stars Without Number (how am I going to staple that one?!?!); etc. etc.

I'll probably start collecting digest sized adventures next as well, such as The Temple of the Toad, The Dreadful Island, Gabor Lux's output, Castle of the Mad Archmage, and so forth, so as to have a nice, deep selection of pregenerated adventure fodder.

The goal of all this silliness is to have all of my reference material in handy, portable digest-sized format, not only for dungeonmastering but also for quick, convenient reference while writing or working on dungeons. The idea that one "griefcase" could contain a wide, deep library of gaming material is one that appeals to me.


  1. nice. I think I might have to start hitting up the local print shop as well. Refillable ink is sweet, but printing more than 40 pages at a time, especially in digest format can get frustrating if I miss a step or the printer screws up on me.