Friday, January 28, 2011

Jewel Throne Update & Related "Emailsculation"

Just a quick update here, I'm afraid I've been out of the loop for reasons explained further in this post.

Anyways, yesterday I received a submission from Geordie Racer, "Whose Stash Was That?", a great little random table/adventure (or complication) seeds for use with stashes of coin that is wonderfully reminiscent of Jeff Rient's "Miscellaneum of Cinder"; check out part of the awesomely Vancian introduction:
"Master Joma, pedlar prefect of Farthest Yuum, smiled appreciatively as he carefully refolded the garish Robe of Eyes. Wheezing, he turned his own rheumy orbs upon the blood-stained sack of coins the doe-eyed spearboys had also thoughtlessly dumped on his treasured Treant-wood bench..." 
 Related to the business of The Jewel Throne, in the span of the past two days both my smartphone and my high-speed modem have both kicked the bucket, leaving me sans internet, I like to say I've been "emailsculated," har har har... I'm beginning to find my recent cascade of sundry misfortunes hilarious in their diversity and unpredictability!

As a consequence, not only will I be unable to access my email, update this blog, or respond to comments for the near future. In light of this, I'm relaxing the deadline for Jewel Throne submissions and my own contributions, for the next two weeks or less. 

As a related aside, I just finished reading another of the wonderful Jack Vance science fiction novels, "Marune: Alastor 933," and it's been delightful, relaxing and also very inspirational; a sovereign tonic for my recent spate of burnout!

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  1. That stinks, sorry to hear about your PC problems.

    I'll still send in the completed Flies tonight, although now I might make some revisions over the next few days.