Friday, April 16, 2010

Table for use with Exquisite Corpses

d% Table for use with Stefan Poag's Exquisite Corpses
01-04 A. Ape
05-08 B. Bird, Monster
09-12 C. Brain-Headed Alien (Bighead)
13-16 D. Bug-Man (Insectoid)
17-20 E. Bull-Man ("Taurian")
21-24 F. Centipede, Giant Monstrous
25-28 G. Cthuloid (Squid-head)
29-32 H. Cyclopskiapod (One-eyed Hopper)
33-36 I. Dracon (Dragon, Wyrm, etc.)
37-40 J. Fungoid (Shroomian)
41-44 K. Great Race
45-48 L. Horse-Headed Centaur ("Horse-Head")
49-52 M. Icthyoid (Fish-Man)
53-56 N. Leech-Man (Sucker)
57-58 O. Man (human)
59-62 P. Man-Bat
63-66 Q. Mutant
67-70 R. Pig-Man (El Puerco)
71-74 S. Robot
75-78 T. Tree Man
79-82 U. Rotting Corpse (Zombie)
83-86 V. Saurian (humanoid)
87-90 W. Snake, giant (Monster)
91-94 X. Tentacler (Monster)
95-98 Y. Two Headed Giant (Giant)
99-00 Z. Woman (human)

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  1. Absolutely! What an idea! Although I enjoy flipping the tabs manually, random dice rolling is always double plus good!