Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Monster - Andorians

I originally saw the idea of representing Hobgoblins as Andorians in one of Jeff Rients' dungeons, and the idea just stuck with me. Having a need for gangs of antennaed thugs in my campaign Jeff's idea seemed an elegant solution, and now, in my personal campaign the Gygaxian Ecological Niche of the Hobgoblin is filled by the Andorians.

Frequency: Rare
No. Appearing: 4-24, 20-200 in lairs
Armor Class: 6 (limited exoskeleton) or by armor
Move: 12"
Hit Dice: 1+1 (5+5 in Mutant Future)
% In Lair: 25%
Treasure Type: D
Attacks: By weapon or 1-8
Special: Surprised on on a 1 in 6 due to antennae
Intelligence: Very
Alignment: Lawful evil
Size: Medium

Andorians are a race of human-like semi-insectoids with blue skin, white hair and knobby antennae on top of their head. They lack visible ears, using their antennae to both hear and enhance their vision. They lack a circulatory system and have blue blood. They are a violent race, with a totalitarian, militaristic, traditionalist society, with strong taboos against dishonesty,  and social rank dependent upon military rank. They consider themselves to be a deeply emotional, passionate race, but appear to be tightly controlled and almost emotionless to non-Andorians, and also do not understand the concepts of charity or sympathy. Although an aggressive race, their traditions require justification for violence. Their are four genders of Andorians, two female and two male, with minor anatomical differences in minor anatomical details such as antennae between the genders that are not readily apparent to non-Andorians. They marry and live in units of four individuals.

They have leaders, elite guards, and all that other jazz like Hobgoblins do.


  1. Andorians are cool. One of my favorite Trek species.

  2. I was rather taken with Jeff's "Hobgoblins," as well. Might make an interesting PC race.

  3. YES!!!!!!!!!!
    PC race PLEASE! : )

  4. Thanks everone!

    @ Bill: Give them a natural AC of 6, 1 in 6 chance of being surprised, a -2 penalty to charisma, and a level cap of 9 and think Andorian PCs are a go?

    @ Huth: Bah...only The Original Series is relevant to Algol ;) Besides, I couldn't find any references to them being resistant to cold. Although I can see hives of them under the polar icecaps!

  5. Besides, I couldn't find any references to them being resistant to cold. Although I can see hives of them under the polar icecaps!

    Since their modern depiction was inspired by none other than Encounter Critical's own S John Ross, I'd say there's a roundabout justification for a mention, heh.

    Plus, ice bug hobgoblins. What's not to like?

  6. @Huth: S John Ross...Ourobouros indeed! Certainly anything with his name on it has potential to be Algol canon...

    Andorians...Algol's Eskimos.

  7. Man, they are mean bastards!