Friday, May 25, 2012

Man-types in Dungeons - Sundry Addendums


There will be from 2-12 men with any Fighting-Man, Magic-User, or Cleric encountered in the wilderness. They will be from the 1st to the 4th level of the appropriate class. In addition, there will be other magical items they might have.

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Beyond This Point Be Dragons

There will always be 2-12 men accompanying any Lord, Superhero, Wizard, Necromancer, Patriarch, or Evil High Priest. In addition they may be carrying various magical items.

Empire of the Petal Throne

Priest/Priestess: ... 1-6 [Priest/Priestesses] in both cases, and always with 2-24 followers. Of the latter, there is a 30% chance of half being soldiers (levels 3-9). ...

Lord/Lady: 1-3 Lords or ladies ... may be met. These people may be accompanied by 1-100 soldiers. A lord will be of level 7-12 and will be a fighter. A lady will be of the same levels ... there is a 40% chance that a lady will be a magic user of levels 7-12 ...

Moldvay Basic

Acolytes are 1st level NPC clerics on a pilgrimage to or from a holy (or unholy) shrine - or perhaps merely seeking adventure.

Bandits are NPC thieves who have joined together for the purpose of robbing others. Bandits will act as normal humans in order to surprise their intended victims. ... Bandits may have an NPC leader of any class, fighter, magic-user, thief or cleric, who is of an experience level higher than the bandits.

"Noble" is a general term for the lord of a castle and any of his or her relatives.

Traders are first level fighters who make their living trading goods. They are similar to merchants, but much braver (and much better fighters).

Veterans are low-level fighters, usually returning from or going to a war. ...A party of veterans may be of mixed levels and alignments, or the DM may wish to give all members the same levels.

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